Settlement of Complex Worker’s Compensation Claim for $85,000

Claimant had cancer in his arm and was unaware. He fractured his humerus while pulling a chain in the course of his employment. Abnormal bone was identified at the time of the fracture, and an extensive workup identified a sarcoma that had been asymptomatic up until the point of the injury. He underwent a complex [...]

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Settlement of Motorcycle Accident for $100,000

Injured client was riding a motorcycle when he was cut off by a car taking a left turn in front of him.  The client lost control of the bike trying to avoid striking the other car.  He suffered a broken collarbone as a result of falling off his motorcycle.  He required surgery to repair the [...]

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Settlement of Workers’ Compensation Claim for $108,000

Injured worker was employed as a service technician for copier machines.  He sustained an injury to his back while lifting machine parts.  The worker had previously had back surgery for an unrelated work injury with a different employer.  The worker’s treating doctor performed a spinal fusion surgery following the second incident.  The client received an [...]

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Settlement of Workers’ Compensation Claim for $435,000

Long-time liquor distribution worker with a long history of work-related injuries to various body parts including his back and left knee.  The Claimant had a left knee replacement and multiple back surgeries.  In addition to the settlement figure, the insurance company agreed to fund a Medicare Set-Aside of approximately $120,000 to pay for ongoing medical [...]

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Settlement of Workers’ Compensation Claim for $335,000

Sixty-eight year old aircraft technician with a long history of work-related injuries to his right knee.  Over the years, he required multiple knee surgeries including a total knee replacement and a revision of the knee replacement.  He was eventually given a 50% permanent partial disability of the knee.  The Claimant was deemed unable to return [...]

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Workers’ Compensation Settlement of $707,000

Seventy-year-old former hospital technician sustained injuries to both shoulders and neck. The Claimant eventually developed complex regional pain syndrome and depression following bilateral shoulder surgeries. The Claimant has received total temporary disability benefits for a period of years. The final settlement involved a lump sum amount and a structured settlement designed to guarantee regular monthly [...]

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Workers’ Compensation Settlement – $275,000

Sixty-two year old heavy equipment operator injured both knees.  He required multiple surgeries including a total knee replacement on one knee.  The diagnosis included significant post-traumatic disease.  He was paid specific award benefits for a 22% rating on one knee and a 15% rating to the other.  We had been claiming entitlement to additional specific [...]

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Settlement of workers’ compensation claim for $1,085,000.00

In this claim, a fifty-eight year old engineer injured his back. The diagnosis was herniated disc at L4-5, lumbar radiculopathy, and post-laminectomy syndrome. He underwent three surgeries, including disc excision at L4-5; re-exploration; then L4-5 spinal fusion. He required pain management thereafter. Doctors determined that he was totally disabled from employment. The weekly compensation rate [...]

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Motorcycle Crash Settlement – Underinsured Case

An uninsured car turned left in front of our client who was on his motorcycle.  Our client had no time to slow down, crashed into the car, was thrown from his motorcycle onto the trunk of the car, and landed on pavement.  The police performed an accident reconstruction.  Our client injured his neck, back, and [...]

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Settlement of $247,500 in Fall Down Claim

This case involved a woman who was injured when she tripped and fell on a "step up" leading to a booth at a restaurant.  She sustained serious injuries to multiple body parts including her hip.  She eventually required multiple hip surgeries including a total hip replacement.  An expert witness was hired to evaluate the step [...]

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