Plaintiff’s jury verdict of $855,408.38 in Waterbury in May 2017

Boez v. Famous Pizza House Inc
Plaintiff’s jury verdict of $855,408.38 in Waterbury in May 2017.

Client sustained an injury to his back as a result of a defective staircase while making a delivery of soft-drinks during the course of his employment.

Client was required to undergo multiple back surgeries, including a spinal-fusion. An expert witness was retained to provide testimony regarding how the staircase in question was defective because it failed to comply with the Building Code.

Plaintiff’s orthopedic surgeon also testified at trial. Defendant called a medical expert to testify that Plaintiff’s surgeries were not caused by his injury. The Defendant also disputed liability, arguing that the Plaintiff had used this staircase hundreds of times before without difficulty.

The Dodd Law Firm represented the Plaintiff in both the 3rd party lawsuit and his Workers’ Compensation claim.

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