Work Injuries Caused By Pre-existing Conditions

Injuries occurring as a result of a preexisting condition that manifests itself at work are now considered to be eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits according to a new decision by the Appellate Court of Connecticut.

In Clements v. Aramark Corporation, 182 Conn. App. 224, a worker with a history of heart disease suffered a heart attack while at work and fell hitting her head on the ground.  The Appellate Court found that while her heart attack was not work related, she was eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits for the head injury she sustained as a result of her fall.  The Court held that any injuries occurring as result of the fall at work “arose out of the course of her employment”.

This new ruling should be applicable to other scenarios were a worker who suffers from a chronic, non-work-related condition which causes additional injury in the work place.  In those situations, the injured worker should be eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits for any injury caused as a result of the incident occurring at work, even if that incident was caused by pre-existing, non-work-related condition.

Please do not hesitate to contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney to discuss any injury that has occurred in the workplace, even if that injury happened as a result of a chronic pre-existing condition.

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