What To Do When: You Get Injured In a Fall


Over the next several months, we will issue a series of articles called “What To Do When”. This series is intended to help explain important steps that can be taken to protect yourself and your rights in the event of an injury or accident.


This month, what to do when:


You get injured in a fall

  1. Take notice of what caused your injury!

While it may be difficult in the moments immediately after an injury, it is important to notice what caused you to fall and injure yourself. Ask, what did I just slip on? What did I just trip on?

In a lawsuit for a fall, you must be able to specify exactly which defective condition caused your injury.

If possible, take a picture of what caused you to fall.


  1. Report your injury

It is important to notify the owner of the property that you injured yourself on their property. This may mean speaking with a store manager, a property manager, or a home owner.   If available, complete an incident report.

Do not wait to report the incident.


  1. Seek medical attention

As was discussed in last month’s motor vehicle collision breakdown:

Once the issue has been reported, it is important to seek medical attention. This is important for several reasons. First and foremost, if you are injured, getting prompt medical attention is the first step towards resolving your injury. Secondly, medical records generated by your medical treatment will document your injury.

Keeping in mind, be sure to give your medical treater an accurate history of how the injury occurred. If you were injured in a fall, it is important to tell them that you were injured in a fall! This is especially important if your fall incident was not witnessed. In a fall without a witness, the medical reports may be the first record of the incident.


  1. Consult a lawyer


Obtaining the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney early in the process can help to assure that you are taking the necessary actions. Depending on where you fell, there may be time specific notice requirements. This means that you would need to file documents with a town or state within a certain time period in order to preserve your legal rights to pursue a claim.

A lawyer can also help you to field calls from insurance companies and seek medical treatment.

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