Remedies Available to Injured Delivery Workers

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for delivery services.  The increase of packages delivered this time of the year means that workers doing delivery work are more active than at any other time.  With this increased business, extra hours, and additional stops come an increased risk of injury.

Any employee who is injured during the course of working for a delivery service will likely have multiple legal remedies available.

Workers’ Compensation

First and foremost, an injured employee will be able to bring a Workers’ Compensation claim against their employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance company.  Even seasonal employees can bring Workers’ Compensation claims.  A Workers’ Compensation claim will help to pay for medical treatment and pay for lost wages if a worker is unable to return to work.

Third-party claims

In addition to a Workers’ Compensation claim, there may also be the possibility of a third-party lawsuit.  This would be a civil lawsuit against the party responsible for the injury.  These types of cases provide compensation for injuries not included in Workers’ Compensation claims.  Specifically, a civil lawsuit will provide compensation for pain and suffering.  Third party lawsuits that may arise from delivery work may include, but are not limited to:

Dog bite claims

Under Connecticut law, the “keeper” of a dog is responsible for any injury caused by his or her dog.  While these claims are frequently called “dog bite” claims, they may include scenarios where no bite actually occurs.  This includes scenarios where a dog knocks someone over.

Premises liability claims

In instances where a delivery worker is injured because of a dangerous condition on someone else’s property, they may have a claim against the property owner.  Dangerous conditions frequently faced by delivery workers this time of year include:

-uncleared or untreated snow and ice

– broken stairs

– uneven walkways, driveways, and stairs

Auto claims

Increased deliveries mean increased driving.  If a delivery worker is injured in a motor vehicle collision that is someone else’s fault, the worker will have the ability to bring a lawsuit against the other driver.


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