Repetitive Trauma Injuries

Workers’ Compensation benefits are not limited only to workers injured in accidents.  Workers’ Compensation benefits are also available to workers who suffer from the cumulative impact of repetitive actives on the body.  Workers’ Compensation refers to these claims as “repetitive trauma”.

Some common types of repetitive trauma injuries include:

  • carpel tunnel syndrome from repeated hand activities;
  • hearing loss from loud work environments;
  • rotator cuff injuries from frequent overhead work; and
  • degenerative back conditions from frequent heavy lifting and bending.


This is only a small list of examples and does not include all the possible scenarios of repetitive trauma injuries that may qualify for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

A worker bringing a repetitive trauma claim must file his or her claim within one year of the last date of the repetitive work or within three years from the first symptoms of the condition caused by the repetitive work.

If you or a family member is suffering from a chronic injury which you believe may have been caused by a period of repetitive work activity, please do not hesitate to contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney to determine whether you may be eligible for benefits.

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