Navigating Injury Claims in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Navigating Injury Claims in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Multi-car pileups are frightening to witness and even more traumatizing for those who are involved. Once a chain reaction starts, there’s no telling where it will stop—some multi-car pileups have left dozens dead and even more seriously injured. Unfortunately, the pain doesn’t stop there. Victims of pileup crashes often find it nearly impossible to get the compensation they deserve after a crash, simply because there are so many people and insurance companies involved.

That’s where we come in. We know how devastating a multi-car pileup can be, and we want to help you get the compensation you deserve. Call The Dodd Law Firm at 203-272-1883 to set up a consultation with our team right now.

Multi-Car Accidents Are Far More Complicated Than Two-Vehicle Collisions
Why are multi-vehicle crashes so much harder to work through than two-vehicle crashes? Simply put, there are multiple drivers and insurance parties involved, and everyone is looking out for their own best interests. In a two-vehicle crash, liability generally isn’t as complicated.

While a vehicle component failure or road defect may cause a crash, these situations are rare. In most cases, the liability falls squarely on one or both drivers. In multi-vehicle accidents, one driver could be liable—or, more likely, multiple drivers share liability. Parsing the details of the crash, especially with so many people with differing experiences, can be a logistical nightmare.

Causes of Multi-Car Accidents
Multi-car accidents are often deadly, but what causes them? A wide range of factors go into these complex collisions. Some of the most commonly reported causes include:

• Bad weather: Bad weather is a very common theme in multi-car pileups. One slick spot sends a car sliding into another vehicle, and the vehicle behind them hits that same spot before hitting both of the cars ahead of them. Before you know it, there are a dozen cars piled up on the road.
• Impaired driving: Impaired drivers often make incredibly unsafe driving decisions, which creates the perfect environment for a multi-car crash.
• Unclear signage or light failure: Even when everyone drives safely, mechanical failures can cause collisions. When signs are unclear about who should stop and who can go or traffic lights fail, crashes are inevitable.
• Distracted driving: Distracted driving is one of the most common factors across all types of collisions, including multi-vehicle accidents.
• Speeding: Speeding not only increases the risk of an accident, but it also impacts the severity of accidents.
• Fatigue: Fatigue can cause people to drift to sleep, drive off the road, or cross the median. These types of unpredictable actions make it hard for other drivers to react, increasing the likelihood of a multi-car pileup.

Figuring Out Liability
The main difficulty with liability is the fact that multiple drivers may share some blame. Consider, for example, a multi-car crash at a stoplight. A distracted driver is looking down at their phone, so they don’t notice the vehicle in front of them is stopped.

They slam into them at full speed, pushing them into the vehicle in front of them. They’re obviously liable for much of the damage—but what if the driver they hit was too close to the car in front of them, which contributed to the second accident? What if the driver they hit had stopped at a green light, and the accident could have been avoided? There’s a lot of finger-pointing after these collisions, and unless you have someone advocating for you, your claim could get lost in the shuffle.

How an Attorney Can Help
A personal injury lawyer with experience in multi-vehicle accidents can step up and fight for you throughout the claim process. They’ll be able to cut through the noise, figure out what really happened, and determine liability. From there, they can negotiate on your behalf or take your case to court to pursue the compensation you are owed.

Choose The Dodd Law Firm for Your Accident Claim
The team at The Dodd Law Firm knows how overwhelmed you must be right now. As you recover from your injuries, the last thing you want is non-stop phone calls from other drivers’ insurance companies. Let us fight for you—call us at 203-272-1883 or send us a message online to set up a consultation.

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