Car Accidents in Rural Areas

Car Accidents in Rural Areas: Unique Challenges and Safety Measures

Life in a rural area can be calm and peaceful, giving you the chance to enjoy the feel of a tight-knit community without the hustle and bustle of a city. However, living in a rural area of Connecticut also comes with its own challenges and problems. Car accidents in rural regions can result in worse outcomes than those that occur in the city, which means you need to be especially vigilant while behind the wheel. The NHTSA reports that 40% of fatal crashes are in rural areas, despite the fact that just 20% of Americans live in the countryside. This is a significant disparity.

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Larger Area for Emergency Services to Cover

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges presented by rural collisions is the fact that emergency services can be hard to reach. Emergency personnel are generally allocated to regions based on population and the likelihood of collisions. Rural areas have much lower population densities than urban regions, so emergency personnel have to cover more square mileage during their shifts. This results in longer response times when accidents occur, a complication that can be fatal if anyone in the collision has life-threatening injuries. 

A growing number of rural communities are now investing in local emergency services departments to assist with this issue. Satellite medical facilities can reduce response times without a massive increase in expenses.

Less Likely to Have Accident Witnesses

The lower population density of a rural area can be disadvantageous in another way. If a crash is serious and the occupants of the vehicles are unable to call for help, they are dependent on the assistance of bystanders. In the countryside, you’re less likely to be near anyone when you crash. It could be hours before someone drives by, sees your crash, and calls for assistance. This delay in care can lead to tragic outcomes for drivers and passengers. Communities have started using traffic cams and surveillance cams to look for collisions in low-population areas, ensuring that emergency personnel can respond as quickly as possible after an accident.

Inadequate Road Maintenance

Rural areas often get the short end of the stick when it comes to funding for community services, maintenance and upkeep, and other important services. You may find that rural roads are full of potholes, uneven surfaces, and other issues that make driving inherently more dangerous. 

These issues are unlikely to be addressed immediately, simply because fewer people complain about them than they do in urban areas. Additionally, you’re more likely to see pickup trucks and other vehicles meant for rugged conditions in the countryside. Those drivers are less likely to notice potholes and other road flaws since their vehicles glide right over them. It is crucial that rural communities get the funding they need to keep their roads safe and drivable.

Limited Cell Phone Service

Cell phone service has improved a lot in recent decades, with companies expanding their networks rapidly in Cheshire and other communities. However, there are still many rural communities with spotty service. There are some areas that are only served by one carrier, and others that barely have coverage at all. 

When someone crashes and tries to call for help, what happens if their phone can’t even connect to the network? The injured person loses valuable time trying to see if they can force their phone to ping a nearby tower, and that extra time can literally mean the difference between life and death. This issue is likely to continue resolving itself in coming years as cell phone carriers expand their networks to cover the entire United States.

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