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How is a workers’ compensation claim different than a personal injury lawsuit?

The main difference between a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury lawsuit is that a personal injury  lawsuit is based on fault while workers’ compensation is not. Any injury that occurs to an employee during work is  covered by workers’ compensation regardless of fault. In order to recover damages against another person in a […]

Third party cases

As you may already know, when you are injured at work, you cannot bring a lawsuit against your employer for compensation for your injuries.  Instead, you are able to bring a Workers’ Compensation claim against your employer. However, if someone else who does not work for your employer is involved in your injury, it may […]

Statute of Limitations and Statutory Notice Requirements

Bringing a lawsuit to recover money damages for a personal injury is always time sensitive.   Under Connecticut law, there is a limited period of time within which an injured party can bring a lawsuit for personal injury.  This period of time is commonly known as the “statute of limitations”.  In most cases in Connecticut, the […]